Virtual Labs


Campus Training

Campus computer labs are an important resource for both students and faculty. Some courses depend on students having access to specific software programs in order to satisfy the expected learning objectives. Often computer labs include software that many students may not have on their personal computers due to cost or accessibility. Computer labs are expensive capital investments that also have high maintenance costs. As a result the number of computers in the labs are limited as is the installed software. Often the software packages on the lab machines are updated only once a year.

Corporate Training

Corporate enterprises with multiple sites face challenges in training their employees, especially when that training involves software that cannot be accessed via a web browser. In such cases an Instructor has to provide on-site training that involves either going from site to site training employees in small numbers at each site, or arranging a workshop at one site to train all the employee who must then come to this one site. The first case is not efficient and it will take a long time to get all the employees trained, while the second case has significant costs related to bringing and accommodating the employees at the one site and also setting up the training site can be a costly undertaking.

Virtual computer labs consist of a set of cloud-based machines where each machine has an operating system and regular desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word, installed on them. Users can use their own laptops or tablets to access their assigned virtual lab machine over the Internet.


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